Registering for a Webstore account:

Some items require the purchaser to register for, or log into their Webstore Account. 

To register for a Webstore account:

1.       Select the “My Account” button from the webstore.

2.       Enter in your existing Username (email) and password or 

          Select “Register for an account”

3.       Enter all of the required information

4.       Select “Register”

5.       You will receive an email to the email address provided

6.       Click on the link provided in the email


7.       You will be directed back to the store, to complete the registration  


8.       You are now able to log in


My Account:

1.       Select “My Account”

2.       Enter your Username and Password

3.       Select “Login”


Within “My Account” you can:

Update your Profile:




Add Family Members:

To add/remove Family Members:

1.       Select “Add Family”

2.       Search for existing family members in the system by 

          their Email Address and First and Last Name


  3.       Or Add a new family member


All family members you have listed will show under the “My Family” section of “My Account”.


To remove a Family member, select the red “X” next to their name.